Roselle & Michael


  1. Kathy Garr says

    I just finished the book, it was very touching. I read it in a day and a half (only because I had to sleep and work!). It has inspired me to help others any way that I can. What a wonderful dog Roselle was and what an amazing man Michael is. I passed the book on and I will buy more copies for friends.

  2. Kathy Garr says

    I can’t stop thinking about that book and Roselle. Michael and Roselle are amazing! I hope everyone reads that book

    • Just finished reading “Thunder Dog”. So brave, so motivated, so inspiring. For someone like me who has never had a real dream or inspiration that I could work towards to be a contributing member of society, I found your story gave me hope that it will inspire many others to live a fulfilling and productive life. I am largely ignorant of the world of blindness but not unfeeling, and found I was really absorbed in the book and your story not just for the 9/11 story but for the insight you gave me into the differences between sighted and blindness, and how you overcame adversities throughout your life. One thing I liked reading and stopping to think about was the comparison that most of society is set up for sighted people by giving the example of society set up for “normal” (right-handed people) and the adjustments that left handed people have to make/over come. My eldest son is left-handed but I was too ignorant as to what that must have meant to him while growing up. Part of me was excited to read the book when it was given to me to hear your story with Roselle, because I have a dog (toy poodle) Chocka (3yo) who I love and is my loyal companion and was eager to read the loyalty and bond that you share with your dog 🙂

      Question: If one has no particular dream to aspire to and work towards being a contributing member of society, how does one go about obtaining such a dream ? Lucy xx

  3. Bobbie March says

    Just finished your book, Michael. What an amazing dog Roselle was. I voted for her at Hero Dogs and was soooo glad she won. Your story is so inspiring, too. I was in tears toward the end of the book. We’ve always treated people the way we want to be treated, but now I have a much better understanding of your feelings. Michael, you’re quite a guy, and Roselle was quite a dog. (And Karen must be quite a woman.) What a team you two were!!

  4. Maria Adelia Endres says

    I just finish to read the book. I loved de history. I loved to learn how guided-dogs works. What a lovely dog was Roselle. What a pity Roselle died, but no one is here to live forever……I hope she is sitting ina a cloud looking for everybody in earth……..

  5. Just finished your book Michael. What a wonderful, touching story of friendship, courage, love and determination. Thank you for sharing your and Roselle’s story. God bless you and I know that Roselle’s is looking down on you today, tuggie in her mouth tail wagging. They say our loyal canine friends wait at the bridge for us, helping to guide us one last time, ensuring that our final journey is a safe one. What a comforting thought that is.

  6. Algumas pessoas experimentam a sensação e mais tarde a certeza de ter nascido uma segunda vez em uma única existência. Tal realidade o leitor poderá conhecer em detalhes na obra “Adorável Heroína – Michael Hingson com Susy Flory”.

    Diante da visão física e emocional é revelada a história do americano Michael Hingson. No decorrer da leitura eu senti vontade de chorar, não em prantos, mas, na forma de um lamento silencioso, por que não há como negar que a intolerância e ignorância moral são as maiores fraquezas da humanidade.

    Preconceito é outro tema muito bem pautado na referida obra. O leitor facilmente chega à conclusão que é necessário não mais perder tempo em negar qualquer tipo de preconceito e sim direcionar nossas ações e linhas de pensamento para desfrutar de reações mais dignas da essência do ser humano.

    Kátia Regina Maba
    Blumenau (SC) – Brasil.

  7. The heart these service dogs display is just tremendous. I cried throughout this book – only because Roselle was such a hero. Her loyalty and unwavering dedication to performing her “job’ are just an inspiration to humans. I am thankful to Michael for sharing his story about his life and about Roselle.

  8. Claudiane says

    I lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Two days ago, I went to book store and saw the book about you and Roselle. I have a beautiful Labrador dog Olivia- and the cover of the book with Roselle’s photo caught my attention. I loved to read the book! I loved to know your history! I cried so much! I am happy that there are people like you and dogs like Roselle in the world!

  9. hello my name yasmin loved this book and I’m already on page 24 and wonderful shall not cried because I had no more tears ta great book and this cute puppy that you and roselle was a wonderful little dog like the book says Lovely heroin

  10. Cibele Haddad says

    Hello to everyone! I am brazilian and I have just read the book and I want to say that Roselle is marvelous, as all the dogs and Michael is amazing and wonderful! Congratulations! All my admiration for you!

  11. I just finished your book, Thunder Dog….I simply have no words. This book was just so amazing and wonderful and I could not stop reading. Having gone to school with a blind boy (and he’s the only one I know to this day), I could never have thought about what goes on in his head. I have so much more appreciation for him what he goes through day to day now. I also have only ever owned Golden Retrievers and know first hand that they are the best dogs in tough situations to have by your side. I have always been fascinated with helping those who cannot see and now I am even more moved to help in any situation I can, starting with hoping to one day raise a guide dog or work for an organization that sends guide dogs to those who need them.

    I know that dogs love beyond words and beyond what we could ever imagine. I owned a golden, whose name was Littlefoot (yes, from Land Before Time) and he lived to be 17 years old. While my father was away in Iraq with the Army, Littlefoot was my rock and helped me through many a hard day. When my father returned (thankfully), Littlefoot held on for another 2 years and helped my father through many PTSD episodes and hard days. I know Roselle loved you so much, Michael, and she will forever be with you. Littlefoot is still with me and helps me on days when I need something to help me keep moving forward.

    Thank you so much for your story, Michael…It has touched me in so many different ways and I will forever remember it. May Roselle rest in the sweetest of peace and her spirit will stay with you forever.

  12. Renata Alves Castelhano says

    Michael, acabei de ler o livro Adorável Heroína e me emocionei do começo ao fim ..e aprendi muita coisa também..
    gostaria muito de ter conhecido Roselle..que bênção de Deus ela foi na sua vida…e que exemplo maravilhoso ela nos deixou..
    amo animais e toda a energia boa que eles nos transmitem com seu amor e dedicação.
    Parabéns por tudo o que vc conquistou na sua vida e por nos trazer sua estória de superação, alegria, esperança! Que Deus o abençoe hoje e sempre!!
    Renata Alves Castelhano, São Paulo, Brasil.

  13. Michael,

    Your book is wonderful. I thought, at first, that it would be simply a touching story about a great guide dog who helped her human survive the 9/11 attacks. It is much more than that. I learned a great deal about what it is like to be blind, how it is more of an “adapt and overcome” situation than a handicap. I’ll be frank in saying I had no idea that blind people could ride bicycles, hear doorways, and use echolocation. That was fascinating, and it really pointed out to me how ignorant I was in that regard.

    The way your faith and your bond with Roselle got you through the attacks was remarkable and touching. I am sorry she’s no longer with us, but I’m sure she’s crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is playing tug-a-bone, taking naps, and eating delicious treats. God created dogs to be our most perfect companions, and when one leaves earthly life, I’m sure there’s a spot for them in heaven.

    Thank you for sharing your story, and God bless.

  14. Elizabeth Wineinger says

    Hello! I read your book and think it is pretty amazing that you were able to “hear” parked cars and tables! I have never meet anyone blind and I didn’t know much about how they lived, until I read your book. I thought that it wasn’t fair about your teachers kicking you of the bus just because of Square. I had the same thought when I read about the airport encounter. Just because your blind and have a guide dog doesn’t mean you aren’t like other people!!

    I also learned a lot about guide dogs and how they have to be trained. I love dogs and so, I have been interested in them very much. Especially guide dogs, because their job is so important and people really depend on them. I’m glad I read your book, and I was sorry to read about Roselle’s death. She did a great job on 9/11.

  15. I read that book and made it made me cry thinking about my cousin that had a guide dog she named it rosella (rose-ella) she was the sweetest but roselle sounds amazing! Yes, rosella got into trouble but she still helped


  16. I just finished reading the book and I’m so glad I did it!
    Every page touched my heart and changed my way of living life!
    Thanks so much for sharing this unique experience with us and congratulations for all your effort and success!!
    I’m a veterinarian from Brazil and I know the animals are the best thing on Earth!

  17. Anna McAvoy says

    Michael, I just finished reading Thunder Dog! It was very inspiring! My sister lived and worked in Manhatten at the time of 9/11, and I learned many things about it through her! Although I am a sighted person, and do not know much about seeing eye dogs, Roselle seemed to be very exceptional at her job, especially on that day! Thank you for taking us deeper into the world of a person who is blind. I admire your strength and fortitude in a sighted world! Thank you for honestly sharing your experiences!

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