Roselle 9/11 Hero- Saved Lives


  1. I have never been so touched by a story of a guide dog team than when I read the story of Michael and Roselle . As a puppy raiser through Leader Dogs for the Blind here in Michigan, I strive to make the best possible difference that I can . I raised my first puppy last year, a female black lab named Daisy . from just being her raiser I could tell that the desire to serve, to work, and to love were apparent when she was a mere nine weeks old . through the year she blossomed and no matter how tough it was she continued to work hard and shine no matter where she was or who she was with. some months have gone by since September when I turned her in back to leader dog as her journey with me was complete . she will be graduating soon and my hope is that should the need ever arise, that one day she can be as courageous and strong as Roselle was for Michael. I swell with pride reading “thunder dog”. It makes me feel truly honored to be apart of the foundations that make for extraordinary teams . Much love to Michael and Roselle .

    from Meredith Carson and Future Leader Dog Daisy

  2. How did you do it how did u live thrue such a thing

  3. I too have read “Thunder Dog” and from the inspiring story I have made Leader Dog for the Blind in Rochester MI my donation choice so every purchase I make, a small portion goes to them for the wonderful work they do. Having been a Michigangander and working in the vicinity of the Leader Dog area, I have seen these dogs in action on the streets of Rochester. First with their trainer and then with their new partner. AMAZING. It’s more than just an ”AH HA’ moment. As a yearly pledge for 9/11 I give what I can for that year to them. And also we must support Roselle’s Dream.
    And in a little town of Meaford in southern Ontario Canada is a doggie park called “Beautiful Joe” that has a dedication to our fallen Hero’s in war and 9/11. Let’s help them ALL so we may always be the land of the FREE!

  4. charlie marvin says

    Just read your book great read I love my yellow lab even more now 8 years young.
    Thank you Chalie

  5. I read a 9/11 book each year. It helps me get through it. I will be reading Thunder Dog next.

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